No duty in religion is more justly required by God . . . than a perfect submission to his will in all things. --Sir W. Temple. Now I don't know who Sir W. Temple is but I think he might be on to something. I would tend to agree that there is no greater way to please God than to submit your will to his. And many might actually believe that they are but in all honesty they may be deceived because they don't really know what that means.

Submission to God is to be submitted to those that he has put in authority over us. Submission is to be exemplified through the realtionships that he ordains. The first being to God directly as a member of the universal church. The second being to the pastor of your local church. (Yes you need to be a part of a local church) And third to YOUR husband if you are married. (If you chose to marry him you need to submit to him as long as it isn't sinful) God also requires that we be submitted to natural authorities as well. Those in government, as well as other leadership positions such as teachers and employers. These are all persons that are in authoritative positions.

When talking to women, submission always seems to be a touchy subject especially married women but it shouldn't be. If you choose to follow God's word and be "A Godly Woman" then we must follow all of it not just the parts that are comfortable for us. I would have to say that the general misconception that is perceived is that submission is associated with weakness. But think about it this way. If a weak person could do it then it would be easy. Woman wouldn't have the problems that they have with submission if it were easy. In all actuality it requires a great deal of inner strength to submit your will to another. Society and women's movements would have us to believe that in order to be strong we need to be independent. We are taught that we can and should be able to do everything that a man does. But the truth is that that isn't how God made us and that's not what he made us for.

I believe that finding her true identity in God is the only way that a woman can fully understand submission and be submitted in her life. God made a woman to be a woman. If he didn't want us to be different there would have been no need for us. God made us "from" man "for" man. They each have there roles. The sooner we accept this to be true the easier submission will be.


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