Share with us the awesome things God has done in your life. The word says that we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb AND the word of our testimony. Some sister visiting this site might be going through exactly what you went through or something similiar and needs to be encouraged on today. Won't you share a testimony with us.

Even if you are believing God to do something great for you we want to hear about that too. We need to learn to stand together in our faith so that we can celebrate together when the work is done!

Share Your Testimony!

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Me and my hubby lived in sin for 9 years and God got ahold of our lives. We got married to get out of sin and right away the blessings came pouring in. We bought our first condo for an amazing deal. A year later my heart started to desire to become a mother. We tried for a long time and I would cry out to the Lord over and over. I'd go shopping and run into pregnant ladies all the time, I'd have little kids stop and look at me. My heart would question why wouldn\'t GOD want me to be a mother? I cried out to the Lord millions of times, I believed, I had times of doubt too. One day I was reading 1 Samuel and kept reminding God that he heard Hannah\'s plea and blessed her with Samuel. I told the Lord, I will train my child to know you. That very moment in my deep despair and heavy tears falling down-I heard a voice say " Is Anything Too Hard For The Lord"? I said No Lord, nothing. Again the same question asked. Again, I replied. I felt this heat on my stomach and low back. I felt the presence of God so intense. I knew something had happened. A week later me and my hubby found out we were pregnant. In August 2010 we became the proud parents of a precious, healthy babygirl! She now is 17 months old and shes a dancer/worshipper in the church. GOD IS faithful!!

There was once upon a time when I didn't believe I'd ever get married. Girls that I went to school with had gotten married, cousins got married, friends got married...I was always the bridesmaid! I was fast approaching 35 yrs. of age and I just decided to make a list of the type of man that I wanted God to send me. I continued to work on "me" and my walk with Christ. One day at work during an interview, the lady I was interviewing told me that I would be married soon (needless to say, the man hadn't shown up yet at that point)! I began to wonder how that could be or if it was even a true prophecy. A few months later I needed to hire a few more employees. A current employee of mine recommended a friend for a position and sent me his resume. Two days later the friend (Kelly) and I met for the job interview! Long story short, he (Kelly) didn't get the job that I was interviewing for BUT he got ME! He was truly a God-sent, my 'list' man, my soulmate, my bestfriend and my husband of more than 3 years!!

Moral of the story: Keep God as your focus and in HIS time, HE will send you who HE has for you and you will know it. Trust God!

I was raised to be good – to excel in school, to perform well on the job, to be an abiding citizen, to be a good person. But I always felt like there was something more than good.

In 2001 I discovered that “something”. It was the purpose for which I had been created calling me to go from simply good to great. I quickly learned that the world’s expectations and God’s plan for my life were two very different kinds of successes. The moment I chose the latter, my life changed drastically.

In 2004 I stopped chasing the life the world offered me and began living my life on purpose. Since launching Encourage the Kingdom, I have tapped into the seed of greatness that God placed in me before my birth! God’s plan for my life has propelled me through life’s challenges, through doubts and fears, beyond limitations and the world’s barriers.

There is nothing more gratifying than becoming who God created you to be. When you align your life with His will and His ways, you uncover life “more abundantly”. It’s here on purpose where your greatness truly lies... Thank You, Jesus!



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